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Category: New Products

Blackout PFP Range Growing …. and Widening

W&I has a great reputation for innovating in the field of FR blackout transfer printable PFP fabrics, in both standard and wide widths.  Our 4 pass Textured PFP has become the “go to” alternative to standard PFP blackout where surface interest is a benefit to both appearance and hand.  We are now pleased to launch…


Energy Saving Linings & Sheers

Available FR and non-FR in wide and standard options, we are delighted to launch our ER (Energy Reflecting) range of blackouts and sheers.  Proven to reflect heat energy, these fabrics can be used to prevent heat energy passing out of or into a window, keeping heating costs down in the winter, reducing air conditioning costs…


New Essential FR Sheers

With our Plain and Slub FR voiles now regular W&I lines, we have introduced 4 new sheers to complete a family essential to the contract world, but just as well suited to home applications. All FR with lead at 300cm unless specified, in White and Champagne / Ivory. Linen – at 85gsm, 30% heavier than…