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Blackout PFP Range Growing …. and Widening

W&I has a great reputation for innovating in the field of FR blackout transfer printable PFP fabrics, in both standard and wide widths.  Our 4 pass Textured PFP has become the “go to” alternative to standard PFP blackout where surface interest is a benefit to both appearance and hand.  We are now pleased to launch and have in stock at both standard and wide widths,

4 pass Faux Silk PFP Blackout – a classic faux silk blackout that transforms print designs and subtle textures.

4 pass Linen PFP Blackout – with 15% linen in a natural weave, this PFP looks so good that you don’t even need to print it to use it!  In natural tones, unis and designs look like they have been woven with a classic linen union blend.

Satin PFP Blackout – the opposite of our Linen PFP! Our Satin adds glamour and sheen where previously standard PFP was considered too plain.  Incredible colour yield gives an electric lift to designs with strong character and presence, as well as to simple textures.

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